hiddlememes suggested I manip the Raptor poster for Jurassic World…so, this happened…Full-size: http://imgbox.com/YR26KWni

I’d pay money to see this.
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And now Chris Evans with the weather. Chris?

Thank you, Chris. In other news… Odin has once again fallen into Odinsleep and the princes are, once again, throwing one of the wildest parties this side of the Nine Realms… The damage expenses are expected to be in the millions of Jotuns…

Now we’ll turn over to Jeremy Renner with Sports. Are you having fun out there, Jeremy?

Oh… okay then, thanks Jeremy for that in-depth response.

And now Robert Downey Jr with the stock report.

And now to conclude with OdinIt’s a beautiful day and Loki’s still adopted 

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And Loki is still adopted.
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